"To inspire and encourage more women to pursue leadership roles worldwide."

“Susan Rocco’s Women To Watch Radio Show is exactly what we need, now. Promoting women from various sectors and points in their lives, are important stories to tell. Susan artfully handles the live radio interview in a way that allows the interviewee to talk about and discuss components of their life story generously and sensitively. We all have incredibly interesting life journeys – mine is a business career greatly influenced by my personal triumphs and challenges. Susan made me feel comfortable, capable and excited to share my story with her dedicated audience.”

- Michelle Tenzyk, Owner of East Tenth Group


"Susan knows how to listen to the answers, engage with them, and flow with it - not just ask the questions - the mark of a true professional talk show host."
                                                                                                                                                          - Gary Sharpe, Blue Dog Scientific

Recent Activity

  • Forbes Riley, Host of Forbes Living, a woman who's mega media career in pitching products, hosting shows, and producing her own show, "Forbes Living" is to fulfill her life long dream of inspiring as many people as she can throughout her own life.
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  • Andra Liemandt, Founder and Drummer for The Mrs. and Jenny Mason, Vocals and Bass - a band of women who's songs and lyrics are meant to inspire women and convince them that they are enough.
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  • Dr. Cary Gannon, Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon and Founder of Aila Cosmetics, a woman who's triumph over a life devoted to "over-functioning" lead her to continue her advocacy for healthy living by developing an all natural nail product that would not compromise function or health.

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